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Full Version: Help getting 5120x1440 on MacOS
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I've got a Philips 499P9 Ultrawide that runs at 5120x1440 but no matter how I connect it to my 2015 Macbook Pro it'll only run at 3840x1080.

- Thunderport 2 to DP didn't work.
- HDMI didn't work.
- USB-C on a latest Macbook Pro didn't work.
- Apple Thunderport 2 to Thunderport 3 adapter didn't work.
- SwitchResX doesn't seem to allow me to add a custom resolution.

Currently I have to power this monitor by two outputs on my Macbook, which is fine but annoying as hell as Apple isn't the greatest at handling multiple monitors Sad

I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this?
Generally missing resolutions are either driver or hardware limitations. This is up to Apple to fix.
Yeah, they seem to have some override config files for display adapters but haven't found anything around setting resolution.

From what I've read the native res can't be stored in the EDID due to size limitations, so hacking at that seems out of the window.
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