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Full Version: HDMI=>DVI issues with 2560x1440 monitor
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Hello there.

I'm trying to use my monitor with my laptop using HDMI=>DVI dual link cable.

My monitor is Hazro HZ27WC. Unfortunately, it has only DVI input.

My laptop is hp probook 440 g4. It has only VGA and HDMI outputs. So I'm forced to use this solution.

My monitor native resolution is 2560 x 1440 @ 59.9Hz . I know that HDMI=>DVI cable solution is limited and I won't be able to get 2560x1440. However, I was trying to get at least 1080p using CRU tool.

I've decided to start with 720p since it's quite standard resolution and kind of worked. At least, I got something visible on a screen Smile

I've tried another cables and result is the same. Would it be possible to make it work with 1080p resolution?

Please, see screenshots attached
Actually, you might be able to get 2560x1440 @ 40 Hz, and 60 Hz might work if you add an HDMI data block inside a CEA-861 extension block. You won't be able to add 1080p or 720p directly because that monitor doesn't have a scaler, so it can't display non-native resolutions correctly without GPU scaling. After you add a working 2560x1440, the graphics driver will automatically add 1920x1080 and 1280x720 as scaled resolutions.
Thank you for a reply and for the great work you've done creating CRU and Pixel Patchers!

I've been actually doing all my tests with extension added. I've tried @40Hz without extension now and @60 with an extension. Monitor behaves like there is a device connected! But it renders black screen. I've tried to play with scaling settings in Intel control panel. It didn't help unfortunately. It looks like it's limited to DVI or I need to buy a good active converter. Though, they do cost like a half of new 24" monitor Sad
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