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Full Version: SoftCursor
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SoftCursor is a simple program to switch between hardware and software mouse cursor rendering in Windows. Software rendering can work around mouse cursor corruption issues with certain graphics drivers. It can also make the mouse cursor match the current color profile or color settings, such as when using "Night light" in Windows 10.

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To enable software cursor rendering, simply click the "Software cursor" radio button. Changes take effect immediately. The program does not need to run in the background.

To restore hardware cursor rendering, simply click the "Hardware cursor" radio button.

Command-line options:
  • /h - Use hardware cursor
  • /s - Use software cursor
Known issues:
  • Some games will not display a mouse cursor with software rendering in exclusive full screen mode. Use borderless windowed mode if possible.
Nice little tweak.. but it causes for whatever reason my games to lag a lot.
Great Big Grin This resolved the problem, my cursor-arrow in windows went grey when i turned HDR on.
I just saw this topic when i wanted to download the Ati-Patcher, gave it a try just for curiosity and it´s a lucky Shot.

I will try to spread this tool whenever i find a HDR user, or on other opportunitys.

Thank you! Big Grin
This utility helped to solve the flickering cursor bug in Elden Ring! Thank you!
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