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Full Version: Any hope of 10bit colour support on non-workstation cards?
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Dell has released some nice new Ultra HD monitors that also have 10bit colour.
Is there any hope of getting some support for 10bit colour on mainstream AMD cards like there is on the FirePro workstation cards?
Doubt it.

I suppose you've read this already?
(01-22-2014 09:31 PM)Black Octagon Wrote: [ -> ]Doubt it.

I suppose you've read this already?

Yes, saw that, thanks. I'm guessing the registry info. is "correct", but not the whole story - i.e. the drivers have other checks or settings for FirePro, with bios or perhaps even other hardware differences in the FirePro cards.
Ok, so Nvida (non-quadro) cards can display (OpenGL) 10bit color on Linux, but not on Windows.

So what's the special difference in the Linux drivers that allows this, and can we patch or mod the Nvidia Windows drivers?

Just need an expert who can trace/debug Windows AND Linux drivers... Smile

I suppose it would be easier to compare the windows drivers on Quadro and non-Quadro setups...
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