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Full Version: Re-installed Win10 Pro, ICC colour profiles not persisting in Colour Management
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I've been using strobelight for the last 7 years (thanks Toasty!!) on my 2 x ASUS VG248QE monitors and it's been working great. I recall some helpful users providing some .icm colour profiles to fix the overly-blue tint that occurs (and also these panels don't have good colours by default).

I recently re-installed Windows 10 Pro and for the life of me can't get the new colour profiles to persist. Tried everything from setting the new profiles as default, to toggling the "Use Windows display calibration" under Advanced settings. At most, the profile will set for a few seconds, but as soon as I click the desktop, the profile resets.

Is there a good (recent) guide to get Windows 10 Colour Management to remember colour profiles?

Thank you!
Windows 10 1903 has issues with color calibration not persisting. Sometimes my calibration resets after the monitor sleeps, and sometimes it won't apply after rebooting.
Ah, that explains things, Toasty! Is there any solution you've come across, even temporarily?

For me, I can't even get the colour profiles to persist beyond the colour management dialog box. As soon as I click "OK" and the dialog disappears, the colours reset.

Today morning, I can't even get the colour profiles to change for a second. Nothing I do changes my colours. HuhHuh
You'll have to use a third-party LUT loader. Right now I'm just running Adobe Gamma manually every time it resets.

This might work, but I haven't tried it:
This little tool seems to work too, scroll to the bottom of the page for the download.
Thanks for all of your help, folks! I think I found the issue! Apparently, running f.lux conflicts with Colour Management profiles. f.lux seems to take precedence over anything one sets in the Colour Management settings.

Very weird, because I could've sworn I managed to get both of them working before the re-install. Anyway, that's something to keep in mind for anyone else having similar issues.

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