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Pixel Clock is a negative Value
12-25-2021, 10:10 PM
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RE: Pixel Clock is a negative Value
(12-25-2021 09:24 PM)ToastyX Wrote:  Well that's not correct. They probably used a signed 16-bit integer for the pixel clock, so it wrapped to a negative value after 327.67 MHz.

655.36 - 287.22 = 368.14 MHz

Use CRU to read the correct values.

Flickering is usually a signal-quality problem, so it's probably a cable or other physical issue.
Ok. Thanks. But it is somehow stable at 30hz refresh rate. I used your CRU to set it to 30hz. But after every 4-5 seconds dim lines appear on the screen. is it also due to a cable problem?
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