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EDID/DisplayID Writer
05-13-2022, 01:19 AM
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RE: EDID/DisplayID Writer
(05-12-2022 06:28 PM)surfacedockguy Wrote:  Can you explain the 256 byte driver limitation? It is because of one of the Microsoft APIS not allowing a larger payload? Is it plausible to write more than 256 in Linux?
And any chance of releasing this tool open source?
Microsoft doesn't have any APIs for EDID reading/writing. I'm using NVIDIA's NVAPI and AMD's ADL SDK to communicate with the display. Setting the segment pointer and reading/writing must happen in the same transaction with a repeated start, but NVIDIA and AMD don't provide a way to do a repeated start, so it can only access the first 256-byte segment. The segment pointer resets after every stop, so I can't split the transactions. It might be possible to do this in Linux, but I don't know if there are any tools that can.

I was planning to release the source code with the final version, but I've uploaded the beta source code for you here:
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