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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
06-28-2013, 09:00 AM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2018 09:21 PM by ToastyX.)
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Lightbulb Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
Strobelight enables backlight strobing on LightBoost-capable monitors. For more information about LightBoost and backlight strobing, visit

Download: - Source: -

A message from ToastyX:

Creating and maintaining software is a lot of work, and I have provided updates and support for free over the years. I would like to continue providing updates and work on new programs, but I need your support. If you find my software useful, consider supporting me through Patreon:

[Image: patreon.png]

As an incentive, I've added a couple of goals:
  • 1000 patrons - CRU: Add basic support for DisplayID detailed resolutions. This is required to support resolutions greater than 4095x4095 and pixel clocks greater than 655.35 MHz. I have completed this and released it as CRU 1.4 despite not meeting the goal.
  • 2000 patrons - Create a new program to force monitor resolutions using hotkeys. This will use new methods to change the available resolutions on the fly, making sure only the resolution you want is active.

Compatibility issues:

AMD Radeon RX-series cards - ToastyX Wrote:RX-series cards have communication issues with DVI.

Workaround: Use DisplayPort if possible. No solution is available for DVI at this time.

NVIDIA 3D Vision - ToastyX Wrote:Stereoscopic 3D may not enable properly unless 120 Hz is non-strobed. Here is a version with the refresh rates swapped:

  • Windows Vista or later
  • AMD/ATI or NVIDIA GPU (laptops with switchable graphics are not supported)
  • Dual-link DVI or DisplayPort (HDMI is not supported)
  • ASUS or BenQ LightBoost-capable monitor (BenQ Z-series and newer monitors are not supported)
Compatible monitors: Getting started:
  1. Run strobelight-setup.exe to install the refresh rates required to enable backlight strobing.
  2. Copy strobelight.exe to your startup folder. (Win+R shell:startup)
  3. Reboot.
Strobelight will initialize any monitors if necessary and stay running in the background to handle keyboard shortcuts. The initialization process can take a few minutes, but it only needs to be done once unless the monitors lose power.

  1. Run strobelight-setup.exe and reset the display.
  2. Remove strobelight.exe from the startup folder.
  3. Reboot.
Keyboard shortcuts:
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [0-9] = Brightness (0 = 100%, 1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, etc.)
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [+] = Strobing on (highest strobed refresh rate)
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [-] = Strobing off (highest non-strobed refresh rate excluding 60 Hz)
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [F12] = 120 Hz strobed if available
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [F11] = 110 Hz strobed if available
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [F10] = 100 Hz strobed if available
  • [Ctrl] [Alt] [F6] = 60 Hz if available
Note: strobe toggling does not work in full screen games.

Options for strobelight.exe:

Strobelight can be configured by renaming strobelight.exe to any of the following:
  • strobelight-init.exe = Initialize any monitors if necessary and quit. It will not stay running in the background. Keyboard shortcuts will not be available.
  • strobelight-hide.exe = Hide the tray icon. It will stay running in the background to handle keyboard shortcuts. You can use the task manager to end the process.
  • strobelight-off.exe = Start with strobing off. This can be combined with the other options: strobelight-off-init.exe or strobelight-off-hide.exe
Keyboard options:

To change the modifier keys, rename strobelight.exe to include any combination of the following:
  • -ctrl, -lctrl, -rctrl
  • -alt, -lalt, -ralt
  • -shift, -lshift, -rshift
  • -win, -lwin, -rwin
Example: strobelight-ctrl-lalt.exe = [Ctrl] [Left Alt]

Disabling hotkeys:

To disable certain hotkeys, rename strobelight.exe to include -k followed by any combination of the following numbers:
  • 0 = disable all
    1 = +/-
    2 = 0-9
    3 = numpad +/-
    4 = numpad 0-9 numlock on
    5 = numpad 0-9 numlock off
    6 = function keys
Example: strobelight-k345.exe = disable numpad hotkeys

Options can be combined: strobelight-ctrl-lalt-k345.exe

Changes in Beta 4:
  • Fix refresh rates not being found in some cases when loading on startup
Changes in Beta 3:
  • Work around GeForce Experience problem
  • Added support for more than four refresh rates
  • Added DisplayPort audio support
  • Make sure all displays are strobed on startup
  • Disable keyboard hook and hotkey threads if hotkeys are disabled
  • Double-check if any modifier keys were released before processing hotkeys
Changes in Beta 2:
  • New keyboard handler:
    • Allow Ctrl+Alt to work without affecting AltGr
    • Allow numpad to work without num lock
    • Added options to change the hotkey modifiers
    • Added options to disable certain hotkeys
    • Added Ctrl+Alt+F6 for 60 Hz
  • Retry if monitor fails to respond when starting up
  • Always show strobing options in the menu even if not available
  • Show keyboard shortcuts for strobing options in the menu
  • Retry if tray icon fails to update when system is busy
  • Select 121 Hz in the setup program so strobing can be turned off by default
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