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Looking for ideas regarding black screen
06-23-2019, 02:10 AM
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RE: Looking for ideas regarding black screen
Cable boxes don't usually use the EDID because you can configure the resolutions and audio directly, so you might be right about it being an EDID issue. What is the monitor listed as in Device Manager? If it's listed as Generic Non-PnP Monitor, that would indicate an EDID issue. The problem is EDID issues are not easy to fix because many monitors have the EEPROM locked so you can't write to it. I don't know if you tried this yet, but try unplugging the monitor's power for a minute. Sometimes that will reset a monitor after a firmware glitch. If that doesn't help and it's still under warranty, get it replaced. If it's not under warranty and it's listed as a Non-PnP Monitor, you might be able to override it with CRU, but that won't help with the BIOS. HDMI audio is part of the video stream, so it's not a separate pin, and it shouldn't be sending audio anyway if the EDID is rejected.
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