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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
10-01-2013, 08:19 PM (This post was last modified: 10-02-2013 10:50 PM by HellionGR.)
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
Hello everyone,hello ToastyX.
I ve been using your Beta utility for quite some time now and i was very glad since it worked flawlessly on my 3xBenq Xl 2411t PORTRAIT on a Single Gtx 780 with 2xDVi and 1 Dual link Displayport to Dvi adapter setup.Before that i had major ghtmares trying to get every monitor in 3d mode so that all worked in surround together
The problem is that 331.40 beta driver came out yesterday for Battlefield 4 beta and its the 1st driver (at least from the ones i have tested and believe me that a lot betas), that when you set surround it installs a new EDID called NV 3x1
The issue is that if i use the 3 monitors in non surround mode they all work in 120hz strobbed
When i set surround my benqs only go in gaming mode cant get in 3d mode no matter what i try.
Best thing so far was installing once 331.4 over 326.80 without uninstallling old first or rebooting and strobing worked in surround up until i rebooted.When i rebooted oops strobing off .Tried of course installing ur utility on all edid edits Single Benq2411t digital and NV 3x1 entry.
If you could test this on another suround i would be glad.I think it crucial because nvidia will use that NV 3x1 EdiD ovveride entry from now on,on all beta-whql releases.
Thank you
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