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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
12-24-2013, 06:09 PM (Last edited: 12-24-2013, 06:10 PM by HyPhEn)
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
Have some questions guys:

I have 3 asus vg248QE in surround on Windows 8.1 pro and i run 3 GTX 680 4GB Cards.

I ran toastys strobelight-setup. Then selected 120hz strobed and 144hz and 60hz non-strobed then rebooted. (Did not uninstall geforce exp) I will do that though next time i run it.

So upon booting back in. My sign in screen and icons are really big(like resolution changed?) I checked in nvidia and it says i am still 5760x1080. So i ran strobelight main app. Then it check monitors and activated. Seemed all was well. Had lightbulb lower right hand corner.

So is it normal to have these enlarged icons?(Can this be changed back to normal somehow?) Also there are some things i am confused on as well. Do i have to enable stereoscopic 3d with this. Or is this the way around it?

Also i did not see any extra settings in my osd menu on monitors? Should i be concerned with settings for this area? Because i have no idea what they do. I have not done any research yet on this.

Am I supposed to change refresh to 120hz instead of 144hz in both nvidia control panel and windows? Or do i leave it alone?

Any help would be great. I am excited about getting this up and running. Thanks..
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