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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
05-29-2015, 06:24 AM
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
(05-27-2015 07:58 PM)armindonext Wrote:  
(05-25-2015 10:29 PM)ToastyX Wrote:  There shouldn't be any difference with the GTX 980. Did you try reinstalling the refresh rates? If that doesn't work, try unplugging the monitor's power cable for a minute to reset the monitor. Then run strobelight.exe to reinitialize the monitor.

If that doesn't help, try using this to completely uninstall NVIDIA's driver:

Then reinstall NVIDIA's driver and install the refresh rates again.

i just reinstalled the refresh rates, and it still stuttering

i unpluged the monitor for 5 min and executed strobelight.exe, and still stuttering

then i cleaned my drivers nvidia whit the program in the description you linked me, i uninstaled in safemode, reinstaled the nvidia drivers/refresh rates/strobelight.exe and still stuttering apears, sadly

wen strobelight is active the stuttering is more evident then wen it is off. it is doing something i just dono why it does not worck like the old nvidia drivers.

looks like its missing the blacklight between frames, maybe i'm wrong.

i think the problem is wen i use nvidia 980 i need newer drivers 352.86, whit the old gtx 580 i was using a mutch older drivers...

ty for the reply

What browser are you using to test the UFOtest?
What refresh rate? If it's internet explorer, IE doesn't support 120 fps vsync in HTML 5. What refresh rate does TestUFO report? What frame rate? You need to use google chrome (which takes like 30 seconds to download). But as ToastyX said, this shouldn't affect games. Unless you're talking about web based games?
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