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Display Scaling 1024x768 144hz BenQ
05-22-2020, 07:06 AM
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Display Scaling 1024x768 144hz BenQ

I know this might get some hate but I would like to create a 144hz 1024x768 resolution using CRU. Yes I know 1024x768 is bad and 1440x1080 is much better blah blah blah. But 1024x768 is what I like and on GPU scaling looks so bad compared to display scaling.

I have a working 1024x768 128hz resolution which using the display scaling. I think I used LCD native timing for that one and it works fine.

I have been playing around and researching 144hz 1024x768 and got a whole lot of out of range errors! but I did get one working using LCD reduced and then changing the total Vertical lines to 1098 after seeing it suggested somewhere. This works, I get an output but I have lines shimmering up the screen (sorry there is probably a proper name for them but I don't know what it is).

Details: I have a BenQ XL2430T using DVI-DL. Nvidia 750Ti Latest drivers and Ive attached my 144hz config that "works".

Thanks for any help!

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