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Flashing other monitors/tv EDID (without bricking?)
10-27-2022, 03:28 AM
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RE: Flashing other monitors/tv EDID (without bricking?)
(10-26-2022 11:28 PM)kaxapo69 Wrote:  Yes it works because the ps4 sends the signal thinking my tv is another resolution.
That doesn't make sense. The PS4 doesn't read DisplayID extension blocks.

(10-26-2022 11:28 PM)kaxapo69 Wrote:  Btw is there anyway to know what colometry is your screen using?

Because im pretty sure my screen is outputing sRGB but i prefer adobe RGB is there anyway to change this?
Unless your monitor has color space options, the monitor just outputs the raw color values as whatever colors the monitor happens to produce.
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