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NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher
12-30-2021, 09:06 PM
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RE: NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher
(12-27-2021 10:31 PM)mycop Wrote:  
(12-27-2021 10:36 AM)bluberries32 Wrote:  Hi

I have a GTX 750 (GM107 chip - no displayport) and I'm contemplating buying an UHD display.

Since this card only up to HDMI 1.4, UHD resolution is only possible with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling.

If I use Pixel Clock Patcher to alleviate clock limits would it allow me to use 3840x2560 with full RGB or YCbCr 4:4:4 over HDMI?

Yes. You can. But 4.4.4 capabale only with 24-30 Hz
Here you can check, timing. But...actualy you dont need it. 750 will able do it auomaticaly when you set 30hz for example.

Oh, sorry I was thinking about 60hz.

What else in gpu apart from the pixel clock is preventing 3840x2560 4:4:4 at 60 hz?
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