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bypassing 77hz limit on samsung bw225
02-05-2023, 05:01 AM (Last edited: 02-12-2023, 11:56 AM by 0ka)
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bypassing 77hz limit on samsung bw225
I have experimented with turning off the chips on the monitor control board, the attachment below shows the chips on the board

results: turning off eeprom nvram resets the monitor settings each time you turn it off.
turning off eeprom digital/analog makes the monitor behave as if the cable is connected but there is no signal.
turning off spi flash memory (pm25lv010) causes the monitor to stop turning on, but if it is on before the flash memory is turned off, its internal system hangs and it does not turn off after 1 minute if the frequency is higher than 77Hz (I hide the message on the screen by pressing the menu button before turning off the chip)

I turned off the chips by lifting their vcc pin and broke the pin on the flash memory, but was able to find the firmware on the Internet and replace the 1mbit pm25lv010 flash memory with 8mbit MX25L8006

I was able to increase the frequency to 87hz, but several problems appear after turning off the spi memory chip: buttons don't do anything so i can't change settings (ddc also stops working but EDWriter can still read), changing the resolution causes a black screen

attaching spi flash dump

.bin  SAMSUNG 225BW ( BN41-00772C ) PM25LV010.BIN (Size: 128 KB / Downloads: 32)
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