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icons go pixelated after using cru to overclock my monitor
06-09-2023, 07:12 PM (Last edited: 06-09-2023, 07:37 PM by kray)
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icons go pixelated after using cru to overclock my monitor
small icons go pixelated after using CRU to overclock my monitor

monitor: prism f220
display port

my monitor is 1920 1080 144hz
and I overclocked to 1920 1080 165hz

it works well but it's pixelated and it's only in CRU

I overclocked to 165hz in the Nvidia control panel works fine but there are a lot of video games that can't detect it so I'm trying to use cru

also, I notice a thing. when I set my digital vibrance to 0 it fixed the pixelated problem but it's just black and white...

and I guess it's the color format problem but I have 0 idea how to change them...

the pixelated pictures:|

pls help :3

when I use cru, it only gives me YCbCr422 instead of RGB and I don't know how to change it (color format)

even in the Nvidia control panel, I can only use YCbCr422 but when I use my 144hz resolution, I can use RGB and more

I found the answer. I have to unpick the color formats in the display properties Big Grin

I hope this helps some of you ^-^
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