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Full Version: CRU HELP!
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CRU Worked fine till today after i reinstalled windows i decided to use cru for display scaling like i always do
After dooing all stuff from a tutorial i do always
And Apllying Custom Resolution(Doing my native resolution) But this time its 1280x1024 instead of 1920x1080 and it messes my games.
I don't know why It isn't 1920x1080 anymore
Im doing 1920x1080 And my Native resolution is also 1920x1080 but Recommended Resolution shows : 1280x1024
The first detailed resolution is considered the native resolution, so make sure 1920x1080 is the first detailed resolution, not 1280x1024.
I delete everything there. Like in the tutorial and after i create a resolution 16:9 1920x1080 In Standart resolutions.
And its kinda strange IN Extension Blocks there was only 3 and now it's 5.
What tutorial? You're not showing me what you're doing. You should have at least one detailed resolution in the base block (main screen) to define the native resolution. The first detailed resolution is what Windows will show as recommended.
I don't understand what that video is doing. You're supposed to have a detailed resolution to define the native resolution, and you shouldn't add the native resolution as a standard resolution. What resolution are you trying to display scale?
That video tutorial is making Nvidia drivers to use Display Scaling instead of GPU. And it was working fine until today. After i reinstalled windows and downloaded a cru. It has started to happen after dooing all steps on tutorial it just 'Recommended Resolution Keeps gooing not 1920x1080. what it suppose to go Smile And i don't know from where there is 1280 and 1024 resolutions in extension blocks there was only 1920x1080.. :/
You're not listening to me. The first detailed resolution is considered the native resolution. What resolution are you trying to display scale? Show me what you're doing.
I want to get Display scaling on 1920x1080 resolution. But unfortunetaly without this tutorial The Scaling i can get is only GPU.
I thought 1920x1080 was your native resolution. Scaling doesn't apply to the native resolution.
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