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green screen on tv and unsupported resolution
11-21-2022, 07:17 PM
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RE: green screen on tv and unsupported resolution
That's not what CRU would show if you ran reset-all.exe and rebooted. "*" means you changed something, and reset-all.exe should have removed that. Also, that's not an active monitor entry, so that's not even being used anyway. Active monitors have "(active)" after the name. There should be one for the laptop screen and one for the TV. If the TV isn't listed after running reset-all.exe and rebooting, then something is wrong with the TV itself or the connection to the TV. "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" normally only appears if there's a problem getting the information from the monitor, not something you did with CRU.

First, check the connection to the TV and make sure the cable didn't get loose or disconnected. Then try unplugging the TV's power for a minute to reboot it just in case it's a firmware glitch.

If it's still not detected, attach a screen shot of what Device Manager lists under "Display adapters" and "Monitors."
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