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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
01-03-2015, 09:22 AM
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
(01-01-2015 12:12 PM)Fasyx Wrote:  I got my BenQXL2411Z yesterday. I took 144HZ on windows and AMD Driver on. Downlaoded Strobelight and did this
Rebooted, started Strobelight.exe...and after 15 minutes the .exe was still "initializing display"...what am I doing wrong?

BTW a little (very old) trick:

If you have an Nvidia laptop that supports 3d vision, but without a DVI or DP connector (all Fermi mobile chips do, 400/500m series, unknown if "8800" class chips do or not, you can use the 3d vision emulator (emulator requires drivers OLDER than 311.xx)+ inf override, or even both (to turn the benq into an asus 120hz 3d lcd)+ DVI to HDMI adapter+either a custom resolution (MUST be custom; hdmi won't let you use >60hz at 1920x1080, but your monitor is actually connected through DVI, so it can accept the signal if you override the 60hz, but will obviously report a "incorrect cable" error), you can try 1920x1080, 48/3 front porch 32/5 sync width, 1138 vertical total/100hz, or 1149 VT @ 120hz, whichever one will display an image without an out of range error. Then run the 3d vision setup test with either the 3d vision discover (emulator) selected or the 120hz "Asus" (benq with override) selected. The benq screen will be wildly stretched out with strange colors and a cable error on the OSD, but the green lightboost light should light up (even with the cable error appearing). Then without ever unplugging the monitor, you can use strobelight to set up the resolutions on your AMD card.

Plus if you ever unplug the monitor from AC, just putting it in into the laptop will instantly recall the previous mode and unlock lightboost again without even needing to run the 3d vision setup (as long as you have the box selected to keep lightboost active in 2D). And you can keep using the laptop normally since it will use the regular settings if the Benq isn't plugged in.

This was the original way to get lightboost on the VG248QE for AMD users, before toastyX found the handshake for it (desktop Nvidia cards didn't require a dvi to hdmi adapter)

There are some (mostly 2d) games where Lightboost will look better than benq blur reduction, especially those which area pure 2d sidescroller based, and sharp contrast transitions; the per-line overdrive of Nvidia lightboost will make the ghosting/image overall look much better than benq blur reduction mode's much better colors (BBR lacks per-line overdrive, so even if you drop contrast to 0, you're either going to have regular ghosting (lessened at contrast 0) or inverse ghosting.

though in most 3D games, you'd use Benq blur reduction with a VT 1500 tweak, which in most cases will be better than Lightboost mode.

Lack of Lightboost mode is why Masterotaku on blur busters' forum won't ever consider buying a XL2430T (since 3d vision 2 was removed).
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