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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
08-29-2013, 07:10 AM (Last edited: 08-29-2013, 07:14 AM by mN-)
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
(08-28-2013 06:06 PM)mdrejhon Wrote:  
(08-28-2013 04:49 PM)mN- Wrote:  Does lightboost give inputlag if vsync is off?
VSYNC OFF has less input lag, but it can amplify microstutters that makes LightBoost feel less smooth. (LightBoost clarity makes tearing/microstutters easier to see)

If you like the LightBoost motion and lag with VSYNC OFF, keep VSYNC OFF for the best competitive advantage. Adaptive VSYNC is a tradeoff that tries to minimize lag while simultaneously eliminating the microstutters made more visible by LightBoost. But if any visible microstutters aren't bothersome (framerates in huge excess of Hz helps a lot for VSYNC OFF), then use VSYNC OFF.

VSYNC ON -- Most lag, motion looks most beautiful if framerate caps fully at Hz. Severe changes in framerates/lag during slowdowns (e.g. 120fps falls to 60fps).
VSYNC OFF -- Least lag, but microstutters/tearing can become more visible with CRT's and LightBoost. LightBoost can look 'jittery' sometimes.
Adaptive VSYNC -- Tries to combine the best of the two above. Generally will have less lag than VSYNC ON, more lag than VSYNC OFF

Hey, thanks for your response.
I really like this lightboost, and it does get a little jittery with VSYNC off but it doesn't bother me that much.

But when you say VSYNC off has least lag, do you mean it adds a little bit of input lag compared to just having 144hz, or do you mean it still has a little input lag due to monitor?
[Also, I'd be curious to know if anyone knows if multirendering adds inputlag or not (CS:GO). It says "disabled" mode has higher framerate, but my fps drops by roughly 80fps to around 170ish]
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