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Catleap/QNIX/Tempest/X-Star monitor .inf files
07-09-2019, 12:52 AM (Last edited: 07-09-2019, 01:18 AM by LiduN)
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RE: Catleap/QNIX/Tempest/X-Star monitor .inf files
(04-17-2017 12:00 AM)ToastyX Wrote:  These monitor .inf files are required for some games to recognize higher refresh rates when adding custom resolutions using the NVIDIA control panel. They are not required when using CRU or with AMD, but they can be installed anyway to change the monitor name listed in Device Manager. The files can also be edited with Notepad to set whatever name you want.

Catleap Q270:
QNIX QX2710:
Tempest X270OC:
X-Star DP2710:

Are any of these suitable for a CrossOver 2730MD ?

*Note that I've changed the original TCON+PCB since my initial purchase (following an accidental piercing of my PCB while trying to fit in some custom vesa mount)

So my my new kit is as follow:
T-CON board is the one for LM270WQ1-SDA2
PCB is one that fit both LM270WQ1-SDE3+SDB3 (my panel is an SDB3)

Why using an SDA2 TCON ? (I couldnt find an SDB3 one, and the backlight cable pin arrangement of SDA2 and SDB3 are exactly the same). I do use a 4pin-to-12pin converter tho.
So all of this implies that don't have the original multi-input display interfaces (DVI-D+HDMI+VGA) anymore. I'm rather now on a single (DP) one.

Full detail of kit used: (plain HTML page, no ebay site wrapper)

My current monitor.inf file is bloated with tons of irrelevent data meant for other monitor.
My device manager (im on Win7) displays my monitor as being a Generic PnP Monitor, with the following related HW/Device ID:
Compatible IDs: *PNP09FF
Device Class GUID: {4d36e96e-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Manufacturer: (Standard monitor types)
Physical Device Object Name: \Device\00000085
Bus Type GUID: {c6ca0d74-e43b-4abd-a63a-4bd2ad319d60}
Display Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Device Instance Path: DISPLAY\APP9CB5\5&830D3D5&0&UID1048851
Driver Node Strong Name: monitor.inf:Generic.NTamd64:PnPMonitor.Install:6.1.7601.23403:*pnp09ff
Matching Device ID: *pnp09ff
Rank of Installed Driver: 00FF2000

The whole thing is running off an EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC
on a slightly slimmed-down (partially unbloated) NVIDIA driver v430.86
on Windows 7 SP1 x64

I'd have tons more spec to provide, but I feel like it's getting loaded with irrelevent stuff for the question, so I'll wait for a sign from you first @ToastyX

Thanks !
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