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Nvidia 3d visoon 1080p60hz hdmi passive 3d output
09-20-2019, 08:44 PM
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Nvidia 3d visoon 1080p60hz hdmi passive 3d output
I wana continue this thread

I study this question so long...
Sorry for post it here but i think people who writed nvidia patcher posible can help with this.

If you know, Nvidia 3d Vision driver have limit for passive FRAMPACKED full HD 3d at 24 Hz
one of solution describet in thread. Problem is... that LG TV have NO support Line Interlaced or Checkboard 3d.
LG Passive 3d work only with framepacked 3d or Syde By syde , Top An Bottom \half over under. But nvidia have NO support for SbS or Tan\HoF
Latest Tridef 3d Driver can work with sbs\TaN is is imposible to buy or Even activate This application because server is down.....
So... General questions...
1. It is possible remove 1080 24hz limit in nvidia 3d vision? (patch or something?)
2. Possible to add Nvidia 3d Vision support Syde by syde or Half Over Under?
3. It is possible to activate latest Tridef 3d driver somehow?
4. Maybe exist a some else 3d driver? (iz3d is too old)
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