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Surround & 4k Scaling Dilemma
Yesterday, 05:10 AM
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Surround & 4k Scaling Dilemma
Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma here that I hope I can get some advice for. I was running triple screens, using 1x1440p + 2x1080p monitors. They are all 144hz 27" IPS displays from Gigabyte. I like having a high resolution main monitor, while also having the capability to use Nvidia surround at 5760x1080 for driving games. I needed CRU to make surround work in 120hz, since it was locked to 60hz at first. However, the 1440p center display looked a bit blurry compared to the side ones, clearly because it had to scale down to 1080p.

I just got an LG 4k 144hz panel to replace the 1440p, hoping that when I enabled surround, it could scale down perfectly to 1080p and get a crisp picture. Unfortunately, it was still quite blurry, and it was also locked to 60hz. The trick I used before didn't seem to work this time, I still couldn't select 120hz. But more importantly, I'm wondering if there's a way to make it scale properly, since 4k is exactly twice as wide and high as 1080p. I can deal with 60hz, but the blurriness is really an eyesore on this otherwise gorgeous 4k display.

I also got another 1440p monitor to test whether I could do a 2x1440p + 1x4k setup. I thought maybe if the 4k was only scaling down to 1440p, it might be sharp enough not to matter. However, surround didn't let me choose anything other than 5760x1080 60hz. I tried playing around with some detailed resolutions, but I don't really know what I'm doing, and quickly ran into driver crashes.

There were two other options I was considering: 3x1440p, or 3x1080p + 1x4k. They should both work with surround properly, since I would have 3 of the same monitor. There would be no need for scaling resolution, or manually matching polarity and refresh rate or whatever. However, they each have downsides. 3x1440p means I give up 4k, which I don't want to do. Games and videos in 4k look amazing, it's quite a step up from 1440p. With 3x1080p + 1x4k though, I would have to physically switch the monitors around depending on what I'm doing, which is a big hassle.

My preference would be to stick with 2x1080p + 1x4k, and have it scale properly in surround. Any recommendations on what I should try to achieve that? I'm also wondering if it's possible to scale the 1080p screens up to 4k, and trick surround into 11520x2160. Any other suggestions are also welcome.
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