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Weird issue
01-21-2021, 02:25 AM
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Weird issue
So my setup is like this.

3090 XC3 running an hdmi 2.1 cable to an LGCX 65" on HDMI port 1.
I''m using PC mode for the port, RGB 4:4:4 10bit Full 4K 120hz.

Then I have a Samsung Q900T 7.1.2 surround soundbar running a 2.1 hdmi cable to HDMI port 2.

So everything was running great, the sound was fantastic, screen looked amazing, but I was wondering why my audio was only sending 2 channels, I looked it up and found out about CRU, I installed it and set the audio channels to 8 and the 2.1 bandwidth to 48gbps, which allowed for 12 bit color and to send 7.1 through on sound.

It made it so Instant Game Response doesn't trigger, HDR is gone, colors on the screen are out of whack and washed out, checked the chroma test for text and its not doing 10 bit properly, and the audio just sounds terrible now, its like the soundbar is only outputting far away noises, hearing dialogue is almost impossible now.

This is on the PC and on the smartTV apps so independent of the PC as well.

I went to the CRU utility and hit delete to get rid of the profiles, reset everything to normal. The problem persists.

I tried the reset all exe as well and there's no change, my soundbar and TV are essentially bricked now, I didnt know that CRU could actually mess with the firmware inside the TV and soundbar, I thought it justĀ  changed the way HDMI communicated with the devices.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how I might be able to fix this.
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01-21-2021, 03:25 PM
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RE: Weird issue
CRU does not mess with the firmware. It only describes what the monitor can do. It doesn't implement any changes. There's no way simple changes can permanently break two different devices unless they both have serious firmware bugs.

For the TV, try unplugging the power for a minute. Sometimes that will reset a firmware glitch. If that doesn't help, go to the TV's Settings > All settings > Support > Reset to initial settings.

Is the soundbar connected to the TV or to the computer?
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