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olde 55b6p 120 mhz 2556x2080
02-15-2018, 04:24 AM
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olde 55b6p 120 mhz 2556x2080
hi all, first I want to thank toasty for his amazing work. now the question, i have an oled 55b6p . a 1080 ti nvidia, and i managed to get the tv , on PC resolution ,to reach 2553 or 2556, i dont remember, x 2080. 120 refresh rate. This was when I had my 1060 gfx nvidia, and since i got the 1080 ti , I cant do anything more than 60 mhz, even on 1920x1080. can someone help me please, sorry for my english, i hope you guys more or less get what i m talking about anyway lol. thanks
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