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240hz but 60hz in-game
07-13-2021, 05:45 PM
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RE: 240hz but 60hz in-game
(07-13-2021 06:26 AM)DrillyDud Wrote:  Hi there, im new on this forum and on using CRU. I need help.

I followed a tutorial on YouTube for adding a custom resolution for the game i play, Apex Legends.

i follow step by step and getting the resolution to wok. Also to mention, that i play on a gaming laptop. The custom resolution works and present in the display settings, playing the game in fullscreen is only at 60hz instead of 240hz. (My main monitor is a 240hz panel). The resolution i had addded is 1440x1080 and 1728x1080 both at 240hz.

So i decided to play the game in borderless windowed because I noticed that it is not affected when playing borderless windowed and could play at 240hz. However i experience input-lag in borderless-windowed. So its a disappointment that i couldnt play in fullscreen without having the game run at 240hz . I dont know if i didnt put the correct value or something, that is i havent used CRU before.

Hi there, does Apex Legends have a slider of resolutions and refresh rates? Never played the game to answer that, but it is probably a problem in the game configs.

Have you tried the new resolutions on any other game? If not, do so.

If NOTHING works, you can try only one resolution and refresh rate in CRU. But aways make backups if anything bad happens and add some keyboard shortcuts to Reset Monitor and Restart GPU whenever you want.
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