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ASUS PG27AQN cannot edit monitor resolutions
11-02-2022, 07:56 PM
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ASUS PG27AQN cannot edit monitor resolutions

I play CSGO at 1280x960 and was hoping to use my new 360Hz monitor to be able to do just that but when I launched the game the refresh rate was capped to 240Hz.

Looking through the list of resolutions available in Nvidia control panel the maximum refresh rate available for 1280x960 is 240Hz and the custom resolution button is completely greyed out. (I tried resetting all my nvidia settings and even ddu'd and reinstalled the latest drivers but this did not fix the problem).

I tried contacting Asus support regarding this and the responce I got was:

"The monitor has been tested and is compatible with the resolutions in the manual.
Unfortunatly, we can not confirm if it will be able to work with different resolution and refresh rate settings.

Especially refresh rate of 360hz is very hard to work with resolutions other than the ones that are in the manual."

I have tried using CRU to edit the resolutions available but this does not work. When opening the Monitor profile in CRU it does not show the full list of available resolutions that can be seen in nvidia control panel and if I do try adding a new resolution through Detailed resolutions or Extension blocks it doesn't show up.

If I try using GPU scaling instead of display scaling there is only a limited list of 4 resolutions that show up even through SRE shows a much longer list.

It is entirely possible I am missing something quite obvious and so would be grateful if someone could point it out but if that is not the case any suggestions about possible solutions would be appreciated.

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