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Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
11-24-2013, 07:17 PM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2013 08:43 PM by steve47co1.)
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RE: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
(11-24-2013 07:07 PM)ToastyX Wrote:  
(11-24-2013 05:07 PM)steve47co1 Wrote:  This morning, I booted my computer and it started with the green light on my BenQ XL2420T in the lit position. Tried the ctrl/alt +/- ; no result. The lightboost function is on and will not turn off unless I uninstall the program.
Make sure GeForce Experience is not installed. The refresh rates should be available in both the NVIDIA control panel and the Windows screen resolution settings.

Is "Strobing off" available in the menu? When you press Ctrl Alt +/-, does the refresh rate actually change?

(11-24-2013 05:07 PM)steve47co1 Wrote:  Question - should I use the Nvidia settings to control brightness, contrast or gamma or let other applications control these setting in the Nvidia control panel?
Strobelight doesn't use those settings, so it doesn't matter. "Other applications" just means don't mess with the current color settings, while "Use NVIDIA settings" means use the custom color settings.

Hi Toasty,

Thanks for the quick response. Answers to your questions:

1. GeForce Experience not installed. The refresh rates show up in all menus as 120hz.
2. "Strobing off" is greyed out in the menu.
3. Pressing "Ctrl/Alt +/-" does nothing even though I checked all 3 boxes for 120, 110, and 100hz when I installed the program.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta 3 version - picked my 3 refresh rates - rebooted - only one refresh rate - 120 - shown - Strobing Off still greyed out.

Does that help?
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