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Enabling VRR on an 'unsupported' Acer laptop
05-10-2023, 06:26 PM
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Enabling VRR on an 'unsupported' Acer laptop

I've tried a bunch of things, however, without any good results.
I'm trying to enable any form of VRR on my Acer Nitro 5. Out of the box, the laptop does not support it, however, according to what's available on the internet, the 120hz panel should support it.

Acer Nitro 5 AN517-52

dGPU: RTX 3060 Mobile
iGPU: Intel UHD 630
Panel: AU Optronics B173HAN04.7 (AUO479D)

Afaik, the laptop neither supports Nvidia's "Advanced Optimus", neither has a MUX switch.
I have added the extension block for FreeSync in CRU. But I can't find a place to enable it - neither Windows' "graphics settings", neither Intel's GCC, neither Nvidia's CP.

If I understand correctly, the main problem is that the integrated display is hooked directly to the iGPU, with no way to directly connect to the Nvidia GPU.
However, shouldn't the option to enable variable refresh rate become available in one of the control panels? Or is there some hardcoded lock?

If anyone has ever dealt with this kind of stuff or simply has any suggestions for what else I can try - everything is highly appreciated. Angel

Another laptop with the same AU Optronics panel which has FreeSync support (however, it has an AMD dGPU)

A guy which states to have enabled VRR on his Acer Nitro 5 (AMD GPU/CPU)

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05-12-2023, 11:52 PM
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RE: Enabling VRR on an 'unsupported' Acer laptop
You can't add VRR on a laptop without an AMD GPU.
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