Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) 1.5

Changes in 1.5:

  • Added DisplayPort YCbCr color formats and maximum color depth (use the "Edit..." button at the top)
  • Added HDMI 2.1 features including maximum FRL rate, variable refresh rate, and display stream compression
  • New and improved timing options for detailed resolutions:
    • "LCD standard" has been split into "Automatic (PC)" and "Automatic (HDTV)" to better accommodate different display standards.
      The main difference is how they handle resolutions greater than 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz and 21:9 resolutions. "PC" favors CVT-RB, while "HDTV" favors CTA-861.
    • "LCD native" has been split into "Native (PC)" and "Native (HDTV)" for the same reason.
    • "LCD reduced" has been eliminated because it was too arbitrary and only worked for certain resolutions. Try "Exact reduced" for an alternative.
    • "CRT standard" is now "Automatic (CRT)" and includes 4:3/5:4 VESA DMT resolutions. Use "CVT standard" for the old behavior.
    • Added "Exact" and "Exact reduced" to calculate exact integer refresh rates.
    • Added common display standards: CVT, CVT-RB, CVT-RB2, and GTF (previously "Old standard")
  • Detailed resolutions can now calculate frequencies for all possible pixel clocks (up to 167772.16 MHz for DisplayID 1.3)
  • CEA-861 extension blocks are now called CTA-861 to reflect the standard's new name
  • Added support for DisplayID 2.0 extension blocks
  • Export now saves the original unmodified EDID if no changes were made