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NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher
11-11-2017, 02:16 PM
Post: #641
RE: NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher
(11-10-2017 08:35 PM)seizethecarp Wrote:  Thanks Toasty for the reply. I was able to get it to work through NCP. Strange that CRU wasn't doing the trick. For posterity I am using a 27" QNIX on a DL-DVI and no adapters.
You shouldn't need the patch with the NVIDIA control panel. With CRU, you just need the regular patch for the DL-DVI limit. The only reason CRU wouldn't work with NVIDIA is if there's a default extension block, which there shouldn't be unless CRU couldn't get the full EDID from the driver for some reason. If that's the case, just delete the default extension block.
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