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Full Version: Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA
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(10-15-2013 09:29 PM)sewb Wrote: [ -> ]Upon further reading I found that the problem was my Apple adapter doesn't send a DDC signal (as seen in softMCCS).. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN -> I'm not convinced it is incompatible because I found a trick to enable it:

Swap the adapter with this when opening strobelight, then switch back to my apple adapter and viola! Lightboost works! Is this a bug, or do I really need to buy ANOTHER adapter? Thanks for all your hard work also Smile
The reason that works is because you already unlocked LightBoost with the other adapter. After that point, the program acts as a resolution switcher. You can verify DDC is still not working because the brightness options won't have any effect.

You don't need an active adapter at all. You can use the VG248QE directly with DisplayPort.
Sounds good.. I completely lost track of monitor technologies in the past 8 years, before that I still had an excellent NEC CRT that ran at 120hz.

I was quite surprised to see how badly this has regressed due to flat panel's taking over. People really don't know what they're missing out on!

P.S. I once found a long list of display-type-statistics (including maximum resolution, refresh rate, and supported # of displays) in a table, I think on the AMD website - Does anyone happen to have this link saved or remember how to get there?

Thanks ToastyX for getting this stuff out there! Please let me know if there is someway I can help.

Installled strobelight for my VG278HE.
Horrible overdrive artifacs tho (is that the correct term? Smile

First pic 120hz lightboost on
Second pic 144hz lightboost off, tracefree 60 setting

Messy iphone4s pics, beware Wink

Lightboost 120hz
Lightbooft off, 144hz, tracefree 60

Overdrive artifacts are normal, unfortunately. Some color transitions aren't fast enough to finish before the backlight strobes, especially towards the bottom of the screen where the pixels have less time to change. Overdrive artifacts are not usually noticeable under normal use except with certain color transitions.

All the models have overdrive artifacts to some degree, but some models are better than others. The 24" 144 Hz models have less overdrive artifacts than the 27" models, but the 27" models have better contrast in LightBoost mode.
Hello ToastyX,

I’ve a problem regarding the lightboost strobe light, it doesn’t seem to work with me, if you have time could you care to help me out.

My "Strobing off" is enabled and greyed out, I cannot seem to enable it (both ON and OFF are greyed but off is selected).
I’ve a GTX 680 with VG278HE + Samsung SM 2443BW + Samsung SM P2770HD monitor.
I’ve reinstalled (and selected only ASUS VG278HE in “Choose a display” menu) it numerous times (with 120 strobed/121 non-strobed/144 non -strobed/60 non-strobed) and I cannot get it to work..
I don’t have NVidia experience installed anymore (Rebooted several times already).

I’ve googled this already but cannot seem to find anything about it.

I’m looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
How do you have the VG278HE connected? You have to use dual-link DVI with that monitor. Higher refresh rates will not work when using HDMI.
(10-20-2013 11:35 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]How do you have the VG278HE connected? You have to use dual-link DVI with that monitor. Higher refresh rates will not work when using HDMI.

HDMI indeed, put it through DVI and the problem was solved, didn't knew that it really mattered...

Thanks for the swift reply!

(10-15-2013 08:50 PM)mdrejhon Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-03-2013 01:24 PM)HellionGR Wrote: [ -> ]Nah happened as i thought ToastyX.When i reboot the overrides are gone.Im stuck at non strobbed mode.The nvidia control panel><change Resolution>refresh rate 60,85,100,120,144 all non strobed
Problem is by customize i cant add custom refresh rate ----create custom resolution is greyed out
Hello HellionGR,
As you're a surround user, can you do us a favour, and help nVidia here; this is a thread about problems with surround 120Hz lightboost:

Check into this thread and follow up; this is very important.
nVidia Forum Thread: Report Triple 120Hz Surround LightBoost Bugs Here

Just signed mdrejhon .
ToastyX today the new Whql was release.
To my big disappointment my predictions 2 weeks ago came true.Nvidia unfortunately adopted that Surround EdiD override.Things are gonna be a pain to overcome now.I hope ManuelG hotfixes this asap. Angry
Hi ToastyX,

I have 2 x 7970 in crossfire mode and using your strobelight hack. It's beautiful in desktop especially viewing the UFO page, but other than that, I can't play games in crossfire mode... I ran Borderlands 2, and other games like BF4, CS:GO, the screen flickers like crazy makes it totally unplayable. However, it works perfect once I disable crossfire mode. My main card is XFX Black edition and the second card is an MSI R7970. Both cards have 1 DVI port and I'm using the DVI Dual Link cable by Belkin plugged to my primary XFX card. My monitor is ASUS VG248QE. Please help me out ToastyX I searched all over the forum and found no solution Sad I really love your program... and you Tongue Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
(10-17-2013 09:46 PM)jippey Wrote: [ -> ]Messy iphone4s pics, beware Wink
Lightboost 120hz
Lightbooft off, 144hz, tracefree 60
This is normal for LightBoost on VG278H. ToastyX's reply is correct.

Good job doing a pursuit camera by hand. You should have enabled the Pursuit Camera Sync Track at to make it easier to check the accuracy of your hand-panning of your camera.
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